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Kireina Yuri Reboot


Kireina Yuri is now rebooted and we are now on a dedicated domain name with an up to date version of Xenforo. This rebooted community will not only cater to Yuri fans, but also all Anime and also have a focus on the Anime Blogging community. The goal is to create a dedicated community discussing Yuri anime, manga, video games, etc, along with other related media and also provide a modern Anime Blogging community outside of social media and Discord. In other words, a middle ground between Anime Blogs (Wordpress) and Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/etc).

I still have to do some cleanup of SPAM, removing mention of Mastodon as we are no longer using that. Hopefully this time it will be more successful.

Some of the things I want to accomplish:

Allow users to share news on Yuri media - Users can create threads discussing any type of Yuri media. Of course, it has to follow a certain format, details forthcoming
User generated reviews - They will appear in article format.
Anime Blogging Forum - This new forum will allow users to discuss anything anime blog related. This includes blogging tips, critique, brainstorming new post ideas, etc.
Anime/Media discussion - Besides creating a place to discuss anything anime related, yuri and non-yuri related. Users can promote their posts, as long it adds to the discussion.
More Connected Sites - Now, it's easier than ever to sign up or login using single sign on from accounts you may already have. Supported sites are Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Discord, Steam, and Wordpress.com
A Reddit Like Experience -
It’s possible to directly reply to someone’ else’s post in a thread like you would on a blog or on Reddit. If you want to add a new post in a thread, simply make a reply as you normally would.

Of course, users who have registered before can log in using their old accounts. I will be fixing SMTP so that users can verify their accounts or reset their passwords. Additionally, I will be asking for volunteers to help moderate the forums to keep a welcoming environment free from trolling and spamming. I will be making an announcement regarding the community reboot in the near future. Stay tuned.

Update: SMTP should be fixed, so you can reset your passwords if necessary. If you have any issues, send a tweet at @chikorita157
Update 2: We have removed all the SPAM (only one post), removed/banned a bunch of SPAM accounts.
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